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hello i love you [entries|friends|calendar]

i am N I C O L E !
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May 17th, 2007
also im starting to only use my other lj
so go there.
wanna dance!

what the fuck [Wednesday
May 16th, 2007
im now single and totally hate it.
i didnt want it.
i dont understand how you want space but hang out with her everyday now.
and why did you hook up with her the day after?  was breaking my heart not enough... but ripping it out of my chest made it worth it?
i dislike you
all i want is to forget you but thats so hard after a year.  i just dont want to think about you, or want to see you or want to be with you.  but all i want is to kiss you and have you hug me.
im so confused because i really dont want any of this, i dont want to be the backup girlfriend that you can have when nothing new is around.  i want to be the one you want the most, i want you to treat me how i treat you.
i want you to try to fix this.  but i should really just get over it.
because now i dont see you?  i mean yeah space i get it but talk to me a little bit.  you should still love me.

i feel so alone.  i have no one to talk to.
without you sean, i dont have anyone to talk about the things that truly get to me, only you understand that.
and you dont call, im or text me back.  but i guess thats because of the space... the space you want filled in with katie.

wanna dance!

December 11th, 2005
love me please
2000 wanna dance!

July 28th, 2004
when i get really sad i like to put on some bright eyes and at that moment i know i am not alone.
3000 wanna dance!

BOGUS! [Wednesday
July 21st, 2004
Duuuuude... we just finished watching Bill and Ted's Bogus Journey. (We = Me and Jill) it is da baddest movie ever. baddest as in - bestest. if you know what i mean

last night, we saw this guy with a sombrero. he was amazing. he had not one but TWO sombreros, waving them around in the air like he just didnt care. i screamed and jill FREAKED and had a nervous breakdown. well, that was later on, but the point remains the same.

then i bought jill ice cream. and some for myself too. jill dropped her ice cream and i threw it at her. then she dropped the cone too. that fucking dumb shit.

i dont match today. i couldnt find any nice shirts. so i match but not. its weird

tonight im going to the ashlee simpson signing at the south shore plazzzzza, if its really going on tonight. ashlee simpson is my idol. my american idol. i wish she was my best friend, instead of that dumb shit jill. if she were my best friend, i'd call her ash and we'd be tight. she'd call me nick and we'd party all night. and i'd call her boyfriend ryan ry, cause thats how we do it here in the hood. and she'd fly me to cali every weekend and it would be amazing beeyatch.

we got karina in trouble at cvs. her supervisor said we talked to her for 15 (5 in the real world) minutes. it was a good time.

then we (we now = me amanda jill karina) saw club dread. i am in love with costa rica. i want to party. me and ash should go to coconut pete's. and ryan ry too.

now we can discuss my love for hilary duff, or as the people close to her (like myself) like to call her, hil duff. jill wants to be her joey ramone. her movie made me cry. it was pure beauty.

1-800-PURE-SEX. Thats Johnny Depp's, or as i like to call him, john john, home phone number. Give him a ring, and tell him you know me. He'll hook you up with something good, like his address. or his dick. or free copies of blow. or my one man band ********

today i decided to chug some deckwood. that oxalic acid sure does irritate my nose and throat. and i also had soup out of a REALLY REALLY RIDICULOUSLY BIG BOWL. it was AMAZING. (i heart caps lock) it was chicken ramen. jill had lime shrimp ramen and it tasted like shit. shit with a capital s. it smelt like throwup. it made me cry. it was pure disgust.

i told nathan that i kicked jill out of the band. now its just me. im a one man band. man as in woman. i play guitar.... wooden block.... banjo.... flute.... piano.... sax.... sex....

******** ONE MAN BAND FOR HIRE! HIT UP THE CELL. 1-800-PURE-SEX. Ask for John John.

I think im hallucinating. im having a bad trip. Jill's nose is blending into the clock and she looks like ashlee simpson. maybe she really is my best friend! score!

i painted my toes today...they look pretty! eww jill just told her dog that she was going to eat her asshole. if you ask me thats not right. but im not sure call me and let me know what you think 1-800-PURE-SEX.

ps i live with john john. yes thats right kids im in france right fucking now eating pan.

yesterday i bought weed. and when i say weed i mean grapes. wicked pissa huh? it was good i ate the whole thing. well jill had one. maybe two but thats ok shes irish.

grind = the best fucking movie EVER! hellllll yeah! i cant remember any funny parts but i know it had some john john might know give him a ring again his number is 1-800-PURE-SEX!

signing off now, this is nikki and jill
call us do you have the number? if not its 1-800-PURE-SEX. LATERRR!
7000 wanna dance!

i just cant get you out of my head [Sunday
January 4th, 2004
[ mood | happy ]

i asked shaun white to prom
i hope he says yes

4000 wanna dance!

December 27th, 2003
Steve M's 1996 Green Mustang GT with Gold Stripes and 5 Speeds is the sexiest damn thing I have ever seen in my life. I want to sweat on it so fucking badly. Steve's so boss. Im so totally increasing my coolness points, maybe someday I'll reach 1000 just like him. He's so cool.

Koo Koo Kachu! <--- steve will beat down whoever steals this phrase

Gravediggerrrr will you dig my grave?

Love gay ass nikki
1000 wanna dance!

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